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The branch was established in January 2009.

Initially it was Permanent Irrigation Designs only, but later developed to all Irrigation Systems & IrriRain Mini Pivots, Renewable Solar Power, all pump systems, stock water and Variable Speed Drives. 

Our customers ranges from farmers to government entities and businesses.

We are registered on the Central Supplier Database as Irrigation & Solar Power Supplier - MAAA0825327

We are registered on the Contstruction Industry Development Board (CIDB) as Level 5CE.


Hylton Frost
Irrigation Consultant and MD
082-896 1390
Samuel Ungerer
Technical Sales / Irrigation Designer
076-588 2886
Stefan Oosthuizen
Solar Designer & Sales
Jeremy Dawes
Irrigation Designer & Sales
Henriette Niemand
Internal & Tender Sales


  • GPS Surveys
  • Full Modelmaker Irrigation Designs
  • Full HelioScope Solar Designs
  • 4 Designers (Drip, Micro, Pivot, Sprinklers + Solar)
  • SABI Approved Designer (South African Irrigation Institute)
  • System Installations (Solar, Irrigation & Stock Water)
  • IrriRain Mini Pivots
  • Rain Bird (Sprinklers, Valves, Controllers & Emitters)
  • Solar Pumping (0.1kw - 75kw) (Borehole, Piston and Centrifugal)
  • Solar Power Systems (Agricultural, Residential & Industrial)